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It’s sickening, sickening that everything that you did you think is alright. Do you not realized you did the one thing you said you never would, do you realize that you took the lowest of low blows. For fucks sake, what you did is comparable to my dad, because you just about hurt me as bad as he did. You are an ugly ugly person. You feed off attention, self hate, and popularity, but let me say one thing, you are NOT going to get attention from me anymore, you are NOT going to get all the self hate I have out anymore, and you are NOT popular. You are a nobody, because no one wants to deal with all your stupid fucking bullshit. Continue being fake as fuck you stupid cunt. Don’t come near me, you’re evil. You are the closest thing to the devil that I have ever encountered. You take away anymore than you have, and I can promise you that every knife that you stuck in my back will come back to haunt you. It wont be now, next week, or next year, but it will happen, because when negative energy leaves your body, aimed at someone else…it eventually turns around and heads back to what sent it away. Good luck you stupid whore. 


I got to stay high all my life. To forget I’m missing you.




tiny little turn ons:

   - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk

   - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made

   - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go

   - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking

jesus CHRIST

Jesus is not a turn-on he is the way the truth and the light go 2 church and reflect on your nasty ass sins